Progress at Sahiwal Medical College & Allied Hospitals

Pediatric Surgery

  • Pediatrics Surgery Unit was started in DHQ Teaching Hospital six months ago by the personal efforts of Professor Dr. Ifthikhar Ahmad Ch., Principal Sahiwal Medical College Sahiwal.
  • Eight beds were allocated for Pediatrics Surgery Unit with some of the basic necessities like baby warmers phototherapy units, sucker machines, etc.
  • Operations are being performed in General Operation Theaters. Although General operation theater is very busy but still one day  per week is allocated for Pediatrics Surgery.
  • In spite of the limited facilities available in General Operation Theaters for Pediatrics Surgery, over three hundred operation have been performed during last six months.
  • Pediatrics patients suffering from very complicated congenital anomalies have been operated like Neonatal Laprotomy , Intestinal atresia, Mesentric cysts, Repair of Exomphalor Major, Myelomeningocele repair, Cleft lip and Palte Surgery, Club foot Surgery, Laprotmy for Typhoid Perforation & Intestinal TB etc.

General Surgery

  • State of the art laparoscopic surgery has been started at DHQ Sahiwal after initiative of Professor Dr Iftikahar Ahmed Ch. The laparoscope has been arranged on self help basis, with no support from government in this regard.
  • Patients no longer have to pay for these expensive procedures in private setups.
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Shahid Ch & his team has made these efforts.

ENT Fiberoptic Endoscopic Sinus Surgery(FESS)

  • ENT department is a 22 bedded unit headed by Professor Muhammad Tariq has an OPD of 500 patients/week, 10-14 operations/week providing routine ENT services, parotid & thyroid surgery & head and neck diagnostic and therapeutic services.
  • Advanced FESS which was started in Mayo hospital in 2000 has been started in DHQ Sahiwal this year with keen interest of Professor Dr. Iftikahar Ahmed & on self-help basis.

Orthopedic Department

  • "We have started doing emergency cover & surgery 7 days a week, 2 operation lists (8-10 patients/list) including major and minor surgeries, 3 OPDs (60-70 patients/outdoor) as well as academic teaching to medical students & ward rounds daily inspire of severe shortage of resources” - Dr Haroon ur Rehman Gillani

Improvements in Emergency Department

  • Separate ECG room and nebulization room has been established.
  • Medical & Surgical bays have been separated.
  • Medicolegal work has been separated from Emergeny Department.
  • Police chowky has been established in Emergency of DHQ Sahiwal.
  • Patients are being attended in Emergency by Surgeon & Physician on call.

Class rooms in clinical departments

  • Ward rounds and clinical teaching classes have been started and class rooms for students are established in clinical departments.

Medical Education Cell

  • Despite limited resources Medical Education department has been established at Sahiwal Medical College with keen interest of Professor Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed.
  • The department is working under Dr. Karim Shah Sherazi.

Security measures at College

  • Parking place has been allocated at a distance from main building for security reasons.
  • Strict identity check at entrance of college
  • The premises of the college have been sealed with walls and barbed wire at places.
  • Barrier blocks have been placed at entrances.

International Recognition

  • The college has been extended international recognition, intimated officially by PMDC to the medical college